SmartDongle 2

SmartDongle 2

SmartDongle2 is our newest product with updated firmware and enhanced security. The enhanced security is achieved through “security loops” which determines the number of times the mathematical calculation is performed internally. The higher the number of loops, the more secure it is. However, the tradeoff is that each additional loop adds processing time (approximately .14 seconds per loop). Currently, we have two products: SmartDongleLL and SmartDongle2. If you have not read about each, you might want to take a moment so you can decide which SmartDongle will work best for your project.

Securing Executables

We have 2 different ways of securing executables.  One way is to encrypt the executable using AES128 encryption and storing the key on a SmartDongle. We then provide you with two files. One is a program that reads the SmartDongle, gets the key from the SmartDongle, decrypts the original executable and loads it into memory and executes it.

The other way is to get the serial number from a USB flash, perform some arithmetic on that number, and use the result as the encryption key. We then encrypt your executable and save it onto the same USB flash drive. On that drive we put the startup code. Your users would double click on the startup code which will get the serial number from the USB flash drive, do the same arithmetic and then decrypt your executable and load it into memory and transfer control to it.


  • Qty 1-99: $46.95 each
  • Qty 100-499: $41.95 each
  • Qty 500-999: $36.95 each
  • Qty 1,000+: $33.95 each